Watch Over 1000 TV Channels on Your PC Without Paying Monthly Bill Again

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Published: 09th September 2011
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Though many people still enjoy watching cable channels be it dramas, movies, music and sports, they are not willing to keep paying month after month. Even if they can afford, they are only limited to a few channels which may not be to their liking. With Satellite Direct, you can watch over 1000 TV Channels on your PC without paying monthly bill again.

Widely regarded as the future of TV, Satellite Direct is the opposite of cable TV. It does not require any recurring subcription fees and yet still delivers high quality pictures with crystal clear sound. No wonder it is being hailed as the undisputed number one TV to PC software online by Internet Media Magazine. That despite its competitors promoting aggressively via their great deal promotions but did not deliver just as well.

Cable channels usually costs $50 to $100 but even so those are just basic packages limited to variety and documentary programmes. On the other hand, Satellite Direct allows you to watch unlimited programmes of your choice at just a fraction of what cable charges.

Here are the procedures of signing up for Satellite Direct:

Step 1: Register

Just answer a few simple questions on the online application and Satellite Direct's registration will process your payment without any hassle and further questions.

Step 2: Download

Follow the easy instructions to install and download the software.

Step 3: Watch And Enjoy

Sit back, relax and enjoy watching over 1000 channels or your favourites from different categories anywhere anytime.

Best of all, their customer service is not just another batch of hired freelancers who do not know what they are doing but a dedicated team of professionals who will always be around to assist you in every way they can should you have any issues with the service.

With that being said, if you are sick and tired of paying monthly fees for cable TV or have had signed up for other TV to PC services but did not get what they promised to deliver, you may consider signing up for Satellite Direct. But if after signing and you are still not happy for whatever reason, they have a money back guarantee for you to get your refund.

With Satellite Direct, you never have to worry about missing or not recording your favourite programmes or fighting with your siblings over what channels to watch as there will be reruns from time to time.

Why should you keep paying monthly for a few cable channels when you can pay once and enjoy over 1000 channels with Satellite Direct?

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